Jade Tours in the Marlborough Grape harvest

The Marlborough grape harvest is in full swing. Hand harvest is done by teams of Pacific islanders plus folk from Eastern Asia and all the backpackers – they are rapidly working their way through the premium blocks as the nets are lifted, much to the relief of the scattered bird flocks ! Our tours have been able to view both the “hand harvest” and the grape harvesters in full swing. Cold early mornings for the pickers and long hours in the vineyards for the machinery.


The Pinot is in, is of outstanding quality and the proud makers of our Methode Traditionelle sparkling wines will probably declare this as a “Vintage” year. Although slightly down on tonnage due to the foul weather a couple of months ago, the Sav. quality is really good and fruitiness will again distinguish our Sav. wine from the rest of the world. Pairing with oysters, scallops and mussels will still dominate the culinary recommendations but at the end of the day, eat the food that you like with the wine varietal that works best for you.


We eagerly await the arrival of the 2019 vintages towards the end of the year and our wine tours will have a new range of superb bottles to taste. Let the fun begin !


Companies in other parts of the world run very successful wine tours – why not look them up and maybe join them for a similar wine tasting experience.

We are proud to be associated with Slovenia Wine Tours and The Wine Wrangler in Paso Robles.      Visitors from Inspirock  are welcome to enquire about our tours.

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