British Rugby Fans to Marlborough









Calling all British Lions Fans

We can win !

British Lions celebrate while they can.

The British and Irish Lions are coming !

In less than a year, New Zealand will be swarming with British Lions fans. Of course, the focus of your stay will be the various games of rugby scattered throughout our 2 large islands, but there is lots of time to enjoy yourselves in between games. Our main centers will be overflowing, but places like Marlborough are ready to show the Brits what the true New Zealand is all about.

Marlborough is most famous for the vineyards in the surrounding Wairau valley and the dominant product is our world renown Sauvignon Blanc wines. Even the French cannot compete in blind tastings ( a bit like their rugby !).

All rugby fans are encouraged to visit Marlborough in between games and where better to base yourselves for the games in Wellington at the end of June. Our accommodation is more affordable than Wellington and we are a 25 minute flight away for the games. Alternatively, the ferry link through the stunning Queen Charlotte Sound, can take hundreds to and from each game.

Come and enjoy our hospitality and wine and we even have 2 breweries to cater for the die-hard hops fans. The Jade Owl B and B is ready to join our motels and hotels in offering affordable, comfortable beds for weary British fans, struggling to come to terms with the enormity of the All Black challenge !

Come to Marlborough – spoil yourselves.

New Marlborough Wine Tour Glasses for Jade

We have decided on a new type of glass for use on our Wine Tours around Marlborough.

Spillage is not allowed and every effort must be made to retrieve every drop for tasting. Sniffing the aromas will be a distinct challenge.

A challenging glass of wine

The new obligatory Marlborough wine tour glass for all Jade Tour

When all is lost, some spares will be made available……….

Reserve Wine glasses

Spare glasses are available


Winery Dog Alex’s Wine Barrel Home

How’s this for Kiwi recycling of wine barrels at Marlborough’s Whitehaven Winery?

Comfy wine dog box!

Comfy wine dog box!

Wine Flight over Marlborough Wineries.

Cruise Ship Wine Tour

Thank you for forwarding the photos of our day tour with you in Picton. We enjoyed the tour immensely and it was one of the highlights of our cruise. We are glad we took the opportunity of doing this tour with Jade and not through the ship excursions. The Highfield and Framingham wineries were certainly the high points of your tour. The winery where we had lunch was also good. By the time we got to Giesen we were literally “wined-out”. The fact however that you managed to cram six wineries and a visit to the chocolate factory into your tour (against only two on offer by the ships excursions) speaks volumes for your knowledge of the area and wineries to visit, and not to mention that you were a very entertaining tour guide. Wish you and all at Jade Tours continued success.

Half way through the winery stops !

Half way through the winery stops !

LandSAR hovering above the wineries.

Jade Tours manager (Mike) is also a member of Marlborough LandSAR. Fully trained and operational so practice getting in and out of helicopters is essential. We recently got the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the Air Force’s new NH 90’s. Lots of noise, strong winch and incredible views. I almost look forward to the next search callout.

Mike 3 Mike 6

Marlborough Wineries Art.

Beautiful sculptured art work found in hidden corners of our own Marlborough Wineries.

Lovely wall art at Forrest Winery.

Lovely wall art at Forrest Winery.

Garden art at Hunters Winery.

Garden art at Hunters Winery.

Marlborough Vine Music and Crazy Chickens!

Took a tour to Yealands Estate in December to meet the notorious over friendly chickens and they definitely live up to their reputation. As the car slowed to a halt we were mobbed, on opening the door a chicken hopped in, demanding food and seemingly a day trip out to the party music in the vines!

Chooks planning their assault on the car.

Chooks planning their assault on the car.

Here they come...

Here they come…

Music to grow vines to...

Music to grow vines to…


Marlborough Wineries Product – the Old and New

Wineries’ product hasn’t changed much – in the good old days, energetic people stomped on the grapes to extract the juice and the process continued in large or small oak barrels. Progress has led to mechanisation and steel tanks, but I still like the product. Maybe the steel can impart the taste of sweaty feet !

Wine comes out of both

The old and new

The new drink from the old

The new drink from the old

Blenheim Christmas Wine Tour

It was a hot, hot Blenheim day and the cyclists were out in their droves – all with bottles of Marlborough’s finest in their panniers. One miscalculated wobble and all could be lost! There was great festive fun with the staff at Forrest Wineries – thank you for going the extra mile for our guests. Jade wishes seasons greeting to all and a very safe 2016.

Hot Blenheim day for biking!

Hot Blenheim day for biking!

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